How to Choose - A man's guide to buying women jewellery

How to choose, or everything a man needs to know about buying fashion jewellery...

Gaby’s pieces are for the lady who wants to be noticed, but for all the right reasons! The Collection is bold and striking, but tasteful and elegant at the same time. If you are a self confident person, or are buying for someone who likes to be noticed and complemented, then our pieces would be perfect!

Buying jewellery is an incredibly personal thing. Maybe the only rule is that there are no rules! With this in mind I’ve suggested some guidelines (which you may or may not choose to follow!), and presented some basic information, so you’re familiar with the terms we use.


1. Colours

Generally, if she wears coloured clothing (say red, purple or blue), then you could go for a rhodium or gunmetal necklace, with the colour she wears highlighted in the components or pendant.

  • If she has a colour block outfit, then you can match either colour of the outfit with the jewellery (for a red and black outfit you could choose either a red or black necklace). If she wears a single colour it might be best to choose a contrast tone, for example, black, silver, gunmetal or gold).
  • If she prefers wearing blacks or greys, and wants to achieve an updated and fashionable look, then choose coloured accessories. If she’s looking for a more sophisticated look, then a silver or gunmetal statement piece may be best. 
  • Skin tones – if she is very fair skinned, then warmer tones (including antique gold), help lift her colour. For warm or tanned skin tones, silvers are very popular. Pearls suit both.

2. Casual or Formal?

Long Pieces – definitely more casual and very fashionable. Short Pieces - beaded, cord or leather necklaces are generally for day wear.

Pearls and Crystal – more for evening wear, but very elegant and sophisticated for day wear special occasions. Pearls are ideal to really dress up an outfit!

Magnetics make for a real statement piece, for either casual or formal dressing.

3. Personality types

Fun loving – definitely go for something bold. Possibly animal print, colour or fun fashion watch.

Serious/elegant – pearl or crystal pieces. If she wears tunic tops or jumpers – something long, perhaps with a bracelet.

For the business woman who wears suits – a short necklace, with or without matching earrings, also pearls.


1. Plating colours

Rhodium – has the appearance of silver (but is fractionally darker).

Antique Gold – has the appearance of old gold and has a more sophisticated appearance than bright shiny gold.

Gunmetal – appears as a very dark, almost black colour, and adds an unusual but striking contrast to many designs.

  How to choose

2. Clip or post earrings

Clip – can be used worn with or without pierced ears. Some of the larger styles are best worn clip to avoid damage to the ear lobe.

Post – can only be worn if you have pierced ears.

   How to choose

3. Magnetic clasps

These fastenings are very popular. They use magnets for closure and avoid fiddly clasps. They just snap shut and are ideal for those of us who find opening and closing normal “lobster” clasps tricky or time consuming, for people with arthritic fingers, or for those of us who are simply in a hurry! We have a huge following for our magnetic pieces – once tried you will be hooked!


How to chooseHow to choose



4. Lengths of necklaces

Collar Style – is usually around 16” (40cms) in length (with 2” (5cms) extension chain). It fits on the collar bone and is ideal to fill in a neckline.

Short Necklace – is usually around 17-18” (43- 46cms) in length (with 2” (5cms) extension chain). It sits on and just below the collar bone. Again, it’s ideal to fill a neck line.

Mid Length – is usually around 20” (51cms) in length (with 2” (5cms) extension chain). It’s perfect for a lady with a larger neck, or when used over a jumper or dress.

Long Necklace – sits below the bust and is ideal to wear with jumpers, dresses and tunic style clothing. These styles are very fashionable at present and are among our best selling pieces.

How to choose

How to choose


5. Elasticated bracelet

No fiddly clasps here! These bracelets stretch to fit over the hand, and onto the wrist and are extremely popular. Bracelet sales have grown massively over the last few years, and we now sell almost as many bracelet styles as necklaces! They are a very popular choice and make easy gifts.



Enjoy, and if you have any questions, just contact us!